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Research Samples


VoteEqualityUS Campaign

Campaigns for Social Change

I, along with 3 other teammates, developed a campaign to build on existing efforts and expand the reach of VoteEqualityUS utilizing participatory, inclusive, and representative communication for social change to support VoteEqualityUS advocacy efforts.

Spotify Case Study

Public Relations Foundations

I, along with 2 classmates, completed an in-depth analysis of a recent PR situation regarding Spotify and the Joe Rogan controversy, and utilized contemporary public relations principles and theories to analyze their response.

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Pizza Hut, Inc. v. Papa John's international, Inc. Case Brief

Communication Law & Ethics

I completed a case brief analysis for communications ethics & law. In the analysis, I provided a dissenting opinion and posed three discussion questions based on the completed research.

Sweet Vegan Bakes Market Research

Research, Data & Insights

I, along with two classmates, completed market research for a local Chicago Bakery. We utilized this research to create target messaging samples that the client could utilize across her social media accounts to attract more customers. We utilized secondary research and performed a survey analysis to inform our messaging recommendations.

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