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Writing Samples

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United Airlines Press Release

Writing for a CMN Career

I was tasked with writing a news-style press release as though I were a member of the United Airlines corporate media relations team. The purpose of this news release was to announce the travel mask mandate policy.

Hungry Harvest Situation Analysis

Engaging Latinx Communities

I was tasked with completing market research for my client, Hungry Harvest, to find out how they can improve their communication with Latinx consumers in the US. I completed a detailed situation analysis, in which I explained the purpose of my research and delivered a detailed methodology.

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Leadership Profile on Ken Jacobs and Laura Bernhardt

Topics in PR & Ad: Leadership 2.0

I was tasked with writing a blog post about Ken Jacobs and Laura Bernhardt’s leadership presentation to our class in a compelling and insightful way. I took lessons and quotes from their presentations and focused my blog post on understanding your leadership and communication styles before you can be an effective leader.